land a sugar daddy in Australia

Best Cities to Land a Sugar Daddy in Australia

Australia has emerged as one of the favorite destinations for the wealthy and influential. According to a recent report, the country is home to 961,000 millionaires, with the United States of America topping the charts with a whopping 15.7 million people who earn a 7 – digit income on a yearly basis. Given the fact that millionaires love to work down under, it has become a hunting ground for sugar daddies and sugar babies from across the globe. However, not every city in the country attracts the same number of millionaires. If you’re looking to connect with a genuine sugar daddy, here are a few cities that you should consider visiting:

Sydney: The capital city of New South Wales, also one of the largest cities in Australia is certainly one of the favorite business centers in the region. Thanks to the availability of port facilities, people from across the globe flock to this place in order to explore their business prospects. On the other hand, Sydney also houses the University of Sydney, which has been positioned as the 56th spot on the list of best Universities in the world. Given the fact that this city fulfills the requirement of an ideal sugar daddy – sugar baby set up, it would certainly boost your chances of finding the perfect match.

Brisbane: Set on the banks of the Brisbane River, Brisbane has turned into a global business center over the years. Today, this city attracts people from across the globe and hailing from all walks of life, who pour in to the central business district to boost their financial prospects. While Brisbane doesn’t have any globally renowned educational centers, it still has scores of colleges that offer a wide array of courses to suit diverse tastes. Brisbane manages to become another Australian city that possibly has the best environment for both sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Melbourne: Regarded as one of the most happening cities in the world and the capital of Victoria, Melbourne is the place to be in this part of the world. Also known as Australia’s hub of culture, sports and style, you’d find a lot of rich men belonging to the fashion industry here. Besides, Melbourne has turned into a multicultural hub, attracting people not only from the Americas but also from Asia and the middle – east nations. The city presents the perfect balance between traditional culture and contemporary Australia, making it an ideal spot for Sugar daddies and sugar babies.

If you’re looking planning to visit this part of the globe, it goes without saying that Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney are the ideal place, provided you wish to get into an ‘arrangement’ type of relationship.