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Dating Habits of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies in Australia

It wouldn’t be fair to stereotype the entire idea of sugar daddy – sugar baby dating, would it? There are innumerable parameters that determine the dating habits of sugar daddies and sugar babies and one of these parameters is the lifestyle of people and their ethics. For instance, sugar daddies and sugar babies in Australia are very different from the sugar daddies and sugar babies in the United States of America or Canada.

In this article we focus on the characteristic traits of sugar daddies and sugar babies hailing from Australia. This would help keep your expectations in check in case you wish to explore the world of sugar daddy – sugar baby dating.

Sugar daddies in Australia don’t prefer having more than one sugar daddy at a time

While you might have seen a lot of American sugar daddies having two or three sugar babies, Australians are very different in this regard. While it cannot be said that sugar daddies are loyal, they prefer keeping it simple and just don’t have a backup plan just in case their sugar baby is unavailable. On the other hand, it can also be said that Australian sugar daddies are better with managing their finances and just don’t spend a great deal of money to quench their lust.

Australian sugar daddies give an average monthly allowance of $3000

A recent survey has shown that an average sugar daddy spares about $3000 on his sugar baby every month. It is to be borne in mind that these figures may vary from one part of the country to another and also from one individual to another. In addition, another parameter that governs the allowance is the sugar daddy’s expectations from the sugar baby. It is worth mentioning that sugar daddies in some parts of the globe pay as much as $10,000 on their sugar daddies and about $1000 every time they meet.

Sugar daddies don’t meet sugar babies very often

 Americans are very specific about how often they’d like to meet their sugar babies. Australians, on the other hand happen to be a little focused towards their work and meet their partner only when they’re free. For instance, they might invite her out on a date when he is free and sure that his sugar baby isn’t occupied with something very important.

Sugar daddies in Australia isn’t looking for an affair

Sugar daddies in Australia don’t seek the company of a sugar baby if they’re married and have kids. On the contrary, American sugar daddies don’t mind swaying away from the monotony and exploring something different. This is possibly one of the key differences between and American sugar daddy and an Australian sugar daddy.

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