How to Stand out from other Sugar Babies on Sugar Daddy Sites

Maybe you’re a beautiful young student, or a struggling model, or an aspiring actress. You’re putting yourself through school. You’re trying to make it as a writer or a dancer. You’ve got the looks, but not the cash.

One day, you’re having a drink with a friend, and you’re lamenting the fact that you don’t have any money – you’re broke yet again. She tells you that she was in a similar situation, but that she fixed it by finding a sugar daddy. She’s a sugar baby, and she got connected to her man through a sugar daddy dating website.

You ask her a little more about the situation, and what is expected of sugar babies, and you’ve decided to try it for yourself. So you sign yourself up for a membership, go online, and write your profile.
While making your profile, you notice that there are dozens – no, hundreds – of other girls like yourself, all looking for a sugar daddy. There are so many wannabe sugar babies! What do you do? You go back to your friend, the sugar daddy dating expert, and ask her for some tips. She tells you about ways that she makes her profile stand out on the sugar daddy site.

“Look,” she said. “There are tons of beautiful women out there. Some will be prettier than you, and others, not as beautiful. So you have to find the thing that makes you stand out.”

Here are some of the tips your friend shared:

Post real photos of yourself

Everyone will posts glamor shots of themselves. Ones of them in sexy lingerie, in beautiful club wear, an generally in nice clothes. But what if the sugar daddy millionaire you are hoping to catch is a down-to-earth dot-com millionaire who likes down to earth girls? Also post some photos of yourself wearing nice (not baggy) jeans and flat shoes. Wear your hair up sometimes for these photos, and wear less makeup. Some men like natural girls who still look pretty.

Don’t be afraid to share your interests

You have hobbies and interests that make you unique. Maybe you rock climb, sail or like to go to horseraces. Maybe you love dogs, or collect movies, or love going to musical theatre. Whatever your likes and talents are, they are things that make you stand out. Share these in your profile. If you love to sing, maybe you will meet a man who wants to support a young lady who is trying to get into an operatic career.

Share your professional goals

Share your hopes, dreams, and bigger goals for the future. If you eventually want to be a doctor, tell him so! If you are studying to be an architect, but are putting yourself through school at the moment, tell him that, too. Men like to date a girl who has her own life and ambitions going on. Don’t be afraid to share your secrets with him, too.