Sugar Babies

Meet Three Women Who Were Sugar Babies

Have you ever wondered what happens to sugar babies after their sugar days are done? What do these girls do? What becomes of them?

We know three of these girls, who spent their youthful days as sugar babies to rich sugar daddies. They were spoiled, ate at the best restaurants, shopped in high end stores and had their hair and nails done regularly by experts at salons. They had access to no-limit credit cards and were cherished by their sugar daddies. As all good things do, these sugar relationships came to an end. This is what happened to them.

Ashley’s Story

Ashley was a beautiful journalism student when she started seeing her sugar daddy, a successful horror writer. Years went by, and Ty supported her writing. When Ashley started to make it big as a famous columnist, she knew she had the cards to pursue a more long-term relationship with her man. He admitted that he was falling for her too, and separated from his wife. Years later, he divorced her, and Ty and Ashley are married. They live in the country, where they share a writing room and spend their days jointly editing literary works.

Kara’s Story

Kara has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She met her sugar daddy and was very clear about what she wanted. In exchange for her company – she was and is still very beautiful – she wanted her sugar daddy to take her to industry events and introduce her to his top contacts, and give her advice. Years after their arrangement ended, Kara has wisely invested all the money he had given her – she was never much into shopping, fashion or clothing – and taken his advice. She’s started her own company, and has tapped into the advice and contacts that he made her privy to.

Liz’s Story

Liz was perhaps the least suited out of our friends to be a sugar baby. She was a sugar baby to Richard, who spoiled her and allowed her access to his credit card. She bought luxury bags, designer clothes and shoes without thinking of her future. She didn’t think that the relationship would ever end, so she didn’t plan for the future. Of course, it did, after a few years, when she got older. Richard moved onto a younger, sexier woman, and Liz was left in the dust, so to speak. She suddenly had no money. Later on, things did shape up for Liz. She married a handsome average Joe her age for real love. Although she is very happy, and the couple has three children, she never planned for the future or got an education, and she now has very expensive tastes as well as a shopping habit that she developed with her sugar daddy. The family is striving to make ends meet every month, and argue over credit card usage.

Although these stories are very different, they are all things that could happen to sugar babies once their relationships end. Who will you be like? Our friends Kara and Ashley, or will you end up like Liz?