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Where Are The Most Generous Sugar Daddies Located in Australia?

Sugar daddies are known to be generous, aren’t they? While this is what people from across the globe tend to believe, the reality could be very different. Sugar daddies are businesspersons or executives from leading global organizations. This means they’re very cautious about the way they spend their money and manage their finances. Not every sugar daddy would be willing to shell out a great deal of money catering to either your needs or shopping sprees.

However, there are a few cities in Australia where sugar daddies are known to be more generous. Here are a few cities in Australia that is home to a lot of generous sugar daddies:

  • Sydney: Sydney tops the list with the highest sugar daddy population in the country. Sydney is one of the largest centers of business down under and needless to say attracts wealthy people from across the globe. According to numbers presented by a leading sugar daddy dating site, there are about 67,000 sugar daddies registered from Sydney alone. These are amazing figures and go on to show that your chances of finding the perfect sugar daddy in Sydney are higher in comparison to other cities.
  • Brisbane: Situated on the banks of the Brisbane River, this is the second best city in Australia to find a sugar daddy. According to the data collected, about 43,000 sugar daddies have registered from this city. This is another city known for its culture and sports activities and as a result of this, it attracts a lot of wealthy men from all corners of the world. While the city cannot compete with Sydney in terms of millionaire population, it does make it to the charts.
  • Melbourne: The socio – cultural hub of Australia and also the sports center, Melbourne attracts people from all walks of life, looking to move up the ladder of success. It is due to this reason that the around 36,000 sugar daddies have registered from this city. The best part of looking for a sugar daddy from this city is that sugar babies would be able to connect with different kind of people, other than just businesspersons. This makes dating someone from this city very interesting. For instance, dating a model or an artist is way more fun than dating the CEO of a company.

If you’re on the hunt for an amazing and wealthy man in Australia, the above mentioned citied would prove to be the right hunting grounds to find the perfect partner. All you need to do is join a sugar daddy dating site that caters to Australians, followed by designing a striking profile.